The London Malaysian Societies Privilege Card

- SINCE 2018 -

A collaboration between UCL, LSE, KCL, CITY, IMPERIAL & QMMS

Our History

In 2018, the UCL Malaysian Society decided to initiate a collaboration with as many Malaysian Societies in London to provide members of their society with offers & discounts at selected food and beverage stores in London. 

The Malaysian Societies of LSE, Kings College London, SOAS and City, University of London joined the collaboration and together with the Malaysian Society of UCL, they launched the JOM Makan Privilege Card for the very first time.
The Malaysian Society of Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London then joined the collaboration in 2019.

We hope this collaboration will continue for many years to come and we aim to improve it for the benefit of all members of the Malaysian societies that are part of this collaboration.

"Entitling members to discounts at food & beverage stores in London"
The Jom Makan Club Card